Art & Craft Club

Playing with color and papers are favorite for children DIGS enhances this through Art and Craft club in the able guidance of an expert

Swimming Club

Swimming which is a sport and all round activity for physical and mental health is made available at digs.

Spoken English club

In Rajasthan where children do not get spoken English environment DIGS children can join the club to enhance their vocabulary and spoken English

Photography club

Photography is a very valuable hobby. We teach children how to focus for best photo clips.

Horse–Riding club

Horse riding is normally done by men. DIGS encourages the girls to learn Horse riding

Gardening club

Gardening not only decorates our home but also save the environment student of DIGS can learn the valuable tips of Gardening through this club

Personality development club

Moral values and etiquettes adds to one`s personality join the club and see the difference

Dance Club

Everyone wants to Dance as it makes our body flexible and healthy.


Self–defense is very important for girls. DIGS trains the students in this martial art.


It is said “Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Yoga plays an important role to remain fit and healthy.

Beauty Club

Every girl wants to look beautiful. This club teaches them makeup trips and various hairstyle.