Chairman Message

As we encourage our girls to grow positively, think independently & become responsible and confident. We pride ourselves in ensuring care and core values sit alongside our excellent teaching. This includes a well-versed education in an atmosphere with the space to motivate, inspire, encourage and support every girl to turn out to be the amazing person she can be.

A girl is diverse, exciting and full of opportunity. Learning is central to all that we do but there’s so much more than just lessons during a girl’s life at the school. Besides classroom teaching, all girls will have ample opportunities to participate and join many extra-curricular clubs, gain leadership experience and come out as a great personality.

We believe every girl is a unique gift of almighty who is full of life, hope, miracles, intelligence and the ability to learn. Intelligence and learning are not fixed to gender-based so with equal opportunities, open to challenges, resilient in the face of setbacks and putting in the individual effort will help us to develop our girls as the winner in all course of life and a strong and safe society for our girls. We will help your daughter to adopt this growth mind-set and show parents how they can also conquer the world.

We believe that this variety adds greatly to the educational experience provided by DIGS. We pride ourselves in preparing your child for the future while appreciating her individuality and strength.

We hope you will find common ground with our philosophy and join us in producing better citizens for a better tomorrow. As we strongly believe…

" DIGS is not just a school it’s the way of life to live " 

R.S.Mandiwal (Chairman & The Founder)