Why Divine school is the best boarding school in Rajasthan?


In boarding school, during the period of an academic session students live and study in the school premises with their fellow mates. And the students who stay in boarding school are called “borders”. Boarders spend their childhood time away from their families.


Generally, borders are divided based on how often they visit their homes. If boarders visit their home at the end of an academic year then they are called full-time borders. If they visit their home after the end of an academic term then they are called semester borders. Those who visit their home every weekend are called weekly boarders.


Boarding schools are maybe for either boys or girls sometimes it may be co-ed also. Some. Sometimes in rural areas parents are not sure about sending their girls away from homes for better education. For them, the boarding school in Rajasthan only would be the better option.


Divine international school offers the facility of boarding for its students. This school enables its students to develop self-knowledge and confidence. Intra and inter-school sports activities of this school help the girls in improving physical activities. Girls represent the school at the CBSE and national school games regularly.

Why should you choose the Divine school?


Safe Environment


Safety of the girls on the campus is our top most priority but that doesn’t mean we are strict. The Divine school in jhunjhunu has a security officer wing on campus that works 24 hours. Corridors and the common area are under CCTV.


Help in Personal Growth


If your child live in boarding school then it will automatically give an opportunity for personal growth. You will receive an ample amount of guidance from the faculty members and administration. You will learn how to live independently, time management and work ethic.


A Place Like Home


Boarding school means we have to stay away from our parents. If you will get a homely environment then we are sure you will not miss home. Divine international school work hard to create a home-like environment for their mates. The warden of divine school is so kind they take care of every student like their own child.


You Will Get Great Sports Facilities


Divine school in jhunjhunu provides intra and inter-school facilities. Divine school undergo the training of Hockey, Skating, Football, Cricket, Table-tennis, Athletics, Horse riding, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Archery, Shooting and Swimming. 


We encourage girls to specialize in at least one sport for one year at the suggestion of an expert coach. After specialization students represent the school at the CBSE and the National school games.


Advanced Co-Curricular Activities

When you live on the campus you get access to co-curricular activities. Divine boarding school for has various clubs like Art and Craft Club, Swimming Club, Spoken English Club, Photography, Horse Riding, Gardening, Dance and many more in the row. Students who want to pursue their hobbies then this will be a golden opportunity for them. Because with an academic they are getting a chance to pursue their hobby as well. 




We all know that if we are living in boarding school we have to stay away from our family and home. But we can’t deny the fact that staying in boarding school gives various opportunities. Divine school is the best school in Rajasthan that focuses not only on education, but encourages to get involved in sports and co-curricular activities.


If any student wants to pursue her hobbies then she can get a platform from here. The divine school has various clubs for students. They can join any of the clubs according to their area of interest. If you are searching for a boarding school for your child then you can contact Divine international school.


We believe that hard work is the key to success. Keeping this principle in view, at Divine International School, we are committed to providing our students with a sound knowledge base with emphasis on building strong fundamentals in the principles of education,moral values, and strong character and concrete the same by the way of continuous training with psychological methods.