Divine International School

Choosing a school for your Divians child can be a difficult task for many parents today, as there are so many things to consider, including the school fees, the school's facilities, and the quality of the faculty and academics. According to research, many parents in India rely on boarding schools for better children's education.

If you’re looking for the best boarding school in Rajasthan then choose Divine International School. They provide a student with lodging and meals, as well as a proper educational experience. Most of the parents choose a boarding school for girls because they are well-known for their discipline and track record of providing students with an all-around education. It has also been observed that students who graduate from the best girls school in India have a strong sense of independence and responsibility. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s discuss why you should choose Divine international girls school:-


In this pandemic time, the most important thing is safety. For us, your child safety is our priority. After that, the divine international girls school in Jhunjhunu has a unique and beautiful infrastructure. The concept was created to provide students with all modern amenities, including a pollution-free, lush green 82-acre campus. With the best-in-class facilities like wi-Fi connectivity, a swimming pool, a cricket ground, an athletics track, spacious playgrounds, and an air-conditioned dormitory and what not. The school is also making leaps toward providing education on an international level.


Our Mission 


Our goal is to create a learning environment that encourages students to become lifelong learners by assisting them in the acquiring, interpreting, and evaluating of information, which results in a lifetime of accomplishments and continual development for the students.


As a best girls school, our goal is to accomplish three things:


1. Educational Excellence


  • In a high-quality and intellectually challenging educational environment, everyone has the potential to succeed, according to this belief.


  • Establishing a desire to learn and a desire to succeed in our students is a priority.


  • From the belief that each person is unique and special, and capable of rising above any perceived limitations, a personalised approach to securing excellence has been created.


2. Character Development


  • To create a strong sense of belonging for our students, their families, and the communities in which they live.


  • Being the best girls school, values-based education that inspires morals and ethics in all of our students is our primary goal.


  • Establishing in students a strong sense of self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence.


3. Community service


  • It is our goal to cultivate a new generation who are proud of their country's history and economy.


  • Self-responsibility, as well as a duty to those around you.


  • A desire to help others and make a positive impact on the world.


Our Vision 


Divine International Girls School strives to infuse in students the determination and ability to discover the treasure that lies within them and to do so in a positive and encouraging environment. We look for hidden abilities in them and help them to develop the skills they need to achieve their goals. We are committed to assisting students in becoming more visible in a rapidly changing world, so they can succeed.

That’s why divine international girl school is ranked as the best girls boarding school in Rajasthan



This is the best girl school that is also committed to individual, personal nourishment. Including the development of an intelligent moral, spiritual and ethical compass that will help our girls successfully navigate whatever obstacles they may face in life. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to cultivate a sense of community and belonging. Good schools value and foster relationships with parents and families.  The power of inspirational adults working together to raise a child’s confidence and performance should not be underestimated.

At Divine International Girls School, we will nurture innovation, vision and resilience. We will equip our girls with the skills that will help them to solve problems that we do not even know are problems yet. With your support, our students can make the impossible, possible.

We believe that hard work is the key to success. Keeping this principle in view, at Divine International School, we are committed to providing our students with a sound knowledge base with emphasis on building strong fundamentals in the principles of education,moral values, and strong character and concrete the same by the way of continuous training with psychological methods.